Each religious role and ceremony requires the use of specificliturgical vestments. Full of symbolic value, liturgicals are worn by priests and deacons and can vary according to the liturgical calendar. Vebi Confezioni offers a wide range of vestments, including chasubles worn by priests to celebrate the Eucharist and during processions,dalmatics, copes,humeral veils, Roman chasubles and miters. In addition to classic vestments, also available as unique, handmade pieces in the Première Line, Vebi sells all the accessories required for liturgy.

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Chasuble in a blend of silk, wool and Lurex for mass during Advent and Lent. With a classic cut and cowl neck, this chasuble features a gold silk pillar orphrey on the front and back embellished with hand-sewn...
Violet 100% wool damask chasuble. The fabric and the garment itself are both made entirely by hand in Italy by expert seamstresses and embroideresses. A decorative orphrey in the shape of a tau cross decorates this...
Red Gothic chasuble in silk shantung produced by the best Italian fabric manufacturers. The decorative tau cross orphrey is embellished by intricate French embroidered trim and Swarovski crystals. The garment is...
High-quality lightweight Terylene/wool alb featuring a zipper on the left shoulder, two large pleats on the front and back, and a bias-cut collar. Elegant and refined, this alb is the perfect choice for those who...
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