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Church supplies are a range of items essential to religious rites. Their use is important and symbolic, essential for Catholic worship. In terms of the Eucharist, Vebi Confezioni sells altar wine for Holy Mass, a wide range of Hosts and other sacramental bread (including gluten-free options), incense and charcoal for use during the liturgy. In addition, we provide candles, votive lights, pillar and offering candles, liquid wax and other accessories for candles.

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Wrapped wax Baptism candle. Three images decorate the candle: the Baptism of Christ, an angel on a cloud, and a red and pink bow that makes the candle suitable for both boys and girls.
Large yellow vegetable wax candle for Eucharistic celebrations that burns for 8 days, wrapped in red PVC with a symbol of the monstrance on the front. Burns for approx. 190 hours. Comes in packs of 30.
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Quick-light charcoal mixed with incense, which is immediately released once lit. Each box contains 150 briquettes (15 aluminum packets of 10 briquettes each). Quick-light properties and a delightful scent make this...
Hosts for those with celiac disease measuring 7.4 cm in diameter and 1 mm thick, made with gluten-free flour in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This product contains gluten at levels below 20 ppm....
Hosts with impressed lines, 7.4 cm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick. Suitable for celebrations and Eucharistic adoration. Made in accordance with applicable canon law. The impressed lines make it easy to break into...
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