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Thin hosts measuring 74 mm in diameter, made professionally, following applicable canon law regarding their preparation. Various religious symbols have been imprinted on the wafers. Each pack contains 25 pieces.
€321.31 €401.64
Reduced price-20%
“Morello” color Chasuble made of 100% silk shantung featuring a hand-applied cross on the front and back. This vestment is ideal during Advent, with the shine of silk making it extremely refined. Designed and crafted...
€281.15 €401.64
Reduced price-30%
Violet brocade cope with a wide mantle, which instills this vestment with elegance and refinement. Golden fringe and elaborate French embroidered trim embellish the cope. An elegant gold clasp fastens the front. An...
€1,081.97 €1,803.28
Reduced price-40%
100% Italian silk shantung Marian chasuble featuring a Dutch-inspired square cut. The cross on the center front and back is fashioned by hand weaving different kinds of ribbon. Featuring the same woven motif, the...
€1,639.34 €3,278.69
Reduced price-50%
Ivory 100% silk shantung cope with red velvet orphreys enriched by alternating panels featuring crosses, French embroidered trim and Swarovski crystals. The silk and Lurex fabric lining contrasts with the ivory...
€1,721.31 €2,459.02
Reduced price-30%
100% silk shantung cope with a contrast champagne hued lining also in pure silk. Matching the lining, a silk orphrey trimmed in detailed French passementerie and real mother-of-pearl beads enriches the garment. A...
White silk stole with burnished gold brocade panels enriched by three burnished metal crosses. As a unique detail, the handmade tassels are trimmed with beads that echo the color of the brocade. This one-off piece is...
€143.44 €204.92
Reduced price-30%
Light blue stole in a blend of wool, silk and Lurex. Gold silk and lurex panels embellish each end, trimmed with Swarovski crystals and light blue velvet. A total of 10 tassels in gold and velvet add the finishing...
€114.75 €163.93
Reduced price-30%
Violet stole in a blend of wool, silk and Lurex enriched by seven hand-sewn crosses and golden orbs. Suitable for use during Advent, Lent and funerals. As part of the Premiere Line, the fabric and color of this...
€172.13 €245.90
Reduced price-30%
Marian stole with a white background and sky blue silk velvet panels embellished by blue Swarovski crystals. The addition of velvet gives this vestment particular elegance. This unique, one-off piece is part of the...
€143.44 €204.92
Reduced price-30%
Green silk shantung stole featuring silver French wire crosses, trimmed at the points with Swarovski crystals. Ten unique, French-made tassels finish each end of the stole. As part of the Première Line, this piece can...
€132.79 €221.31
Reduced price-40%
Violet 100% virgin wool stole embellished by burnished gold silk brocade panels, which imbue this unique piece with elegance. Five crosses in rectangular black Swarovski crystals and golden orbs add the finishing...
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