Solemn, triumphal, resplendent: copes are a type of liturgical vestment worn by clergy for important functions. They include Pontifical High Mass, processions, Sacraments, vespers and solemn prayers. This open-front, trimmed, embroidered mantel is worn over the shoulders and fastened at the breast with a band or clasp. In Latin, this garment is called a pluviale, a term once used to indicate a specific type of hooded rain coat. Vebi Confezioni copes come in a range of materials and colors: from wool and wool blends to silk and polyester, in all the colors of the liturgical calendar. In line with their sartorial qualities, the garments in the Première Line include hand-sewn embroidery.

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Violet brocade cope with a wide mantle, which instills this vestment with elegance and refinement. Golden fringe and elaborate French embroidered trim embellish the cope. An elegant gold clasp fastens the front. An...
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Ivory 100% silk shantung cope with red velvet orphreys enriched by alternating panels featuring crosses, French embroidered trim and Swarovski crystals. The silk and Lurex fabric lining contrasts with the ivory...
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100% silk shantung cope with a contrast champagne hued lining also in pure silk. Matching the lining, a silk orphrey trimmed in detailed French passementerie and real mother-of-pearl beads enriches the garment. A...
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