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Printed 100% silk chasuble featuring a modern cross pattern. With an ample cut, the silk fabric creates elegant reflections while remaining light weight. Entirely designed, manufactured and constructed in Italy by...
Ivory silk chasuble with a red tau cross embroidered by hand with fine gold. The V neck echoing the motif of the orphrey, a classic cut and lightweight fabric combine in an elegant, refined vestment. As part of the...
In ivory 100% silk shantung with visible slubbing, this classic chasuble features a gold cross on the front and back enriched by Swarovski crystals and French passementerie. Italian-origin silk makes this vestment...
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Classic ivory chasuble in 100% silk damask. The material is made by one of the world's most prestigious silk fabric manufacturers, Rubelli di Venezia. The floral pattern and refined shine of silk give the chasuble...
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